May 8 & 9 2019

We want to start a dialogue

A day of talks and debates with pioneers and innovators from around the world who are shaping the future of food, health and the planet.

May 10 – 19 2019

We’re looking for changemakers

Where does food come from? How is yogurt made? Do super-breakfasts exist? Can we eat to protect the planet? Can we give packaging a second life?

May 10 – 19 2019

At the very beginning…

This is the story of a father and his son who were ahead of their time. Inspired by the goodness of yogurt, they devoted their lives to sharing its simplicity and naturality with generations to come across the globe.

Reconnecting people with the food they eat

At Danone, we believe that each time we eat and drink, we vote for the world we want to live in. This powerful idea is at the heart of the food revolution..