Come and experience a century in the history of yogurt

A hands-on and immersive exhibition that will awaken your senses and give you another perspective on yogurt and the future of food.

We are all part of the story

100 years ago, Isaac Carasso created the first Danone yogurt – a simple food, with a simple aim to improve health.


Struck by the levels of malnutrition and gut disease affecting the children of Barcelona, and concerned about the health of his son, Isaac was determined to make a difference.

Naturally entrepreneurial, with an early passion for food and health, Isaac worked in his cellar to create a simple product. Mixing ferments and fresh milk, he made a yogurt, which he affectionately named “Danone” after his son, Daniel.


One decade later, Daniel joined the family business, and successfully expanded Danone across France. In the late 1930s, with Europe once again on the brink of war, he decided to go to America.


With yogurt yet to take off, Daniel identified a unique business opportunity. Starting again from simple beginnings in New York he launched a yogurt tailored to local tastes with added fruit. It quickly became a household name under the “Dannon” brand. After the war, in an age of industrialization and growth, Daniel returned home to Europe.


In the decades that followed, Danone grew. Yet, Daniel always passionately protected the simple aim he and his father had shared. He tirelessly pursued research into the benefits and quality of his product, popularizing this once largely unknown food and bringing consumers new tastes and flavours.


Sharing the same vision and ambition, he partnered with French businessman Antoine Riboud. Together, they dreamed of a worldwide business and their partnership marked a decisive moment in our story.


Over the years, as people’s lifestyles and tastes evolved, Danone has continued to innovate, to anticipate and meet their needs. What has never changed is our commitment to bring health through food to as many people as possible.


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Open from May 10 – 19, 2019
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